Staying Safe & Vigilant Against Phishing & Scams

Staying Safe & Vigilant Against Phishing & Scams

It is important to protect your MakhtotaStore account from unauthorized access. Sometimes, strangers might be trying to lure you into sharing your account credentials by pretending to be MakhtotaStore, when in fact they are not associated with MakhtotaStore at all. These types of attempts are commonly referred to as “phishing” and the perpetrators are called “phishers.”

Unofficial emails

A very common technique for obtaining account credentials is to send out emails that might appear as though they are coming from MakhtotaStore. At a quick glance, it might look like a legitimate email, but on closer examination, it usually looks suspicious and is not something we would send out. These emails will contain some kind of link that looks like a MakhtotaStore site, where you are prompted to log in by filling in your username and password. The phisher will then be able to see your credentials and use them to log into your real MakhtotaStore account.

The exclusive email of MakhtotaStore: ***

Any email sent to you without this domain is fake٫

Unofficial websites

Phishing sites are fake websites that appear very similar to the real websites they are mimicking. Often, the address of the site is very similar to the real site. At first glance, the hyperlink name might look like the site is one of our Markets and even if you click it, the site you go to may look identical to MakhtotaStore Market but because of the typo in the domain name, you’ll have been tricked. If you then attempt to log into that fake website, there’s a chance that your username and password may be stolen or compromised. 

Here’s how our official and legitimate account login page looks – notice the use of our official domain name ‘makhtotastore.comin the address bar: 

Protecting yourself

  • Never give out your password to anyone. MakhtotaStore staff will never ask you for your password.
  • Never click a link in an email unless you have requested the email yourself, such as while resetting your password. Instead, use a bookmark or type in the address yourself.
  • Always check the website address carefullyNever enter your MakhtotaStore account credentials anywhere that isn’t
  • Always check that the sender of the email is using an email address.
  • MakhtotaStore will never deactivate your account or write to you about deactivating your account unless you approach us about it.
  • Report any suspicious emails or websites to MakhtotaStore Support.
  • Ensure your operating system, web browser, and anti-virus software are up-to-date.

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